Art contest ‘Let’s go to the Gallery 2024’ (「ギャラリーへ行こう2024」)


Entry Period: 5 July (FRI), 6July (SAT), 7 July (SUN)

Gallery Sukiwa puts an effort in supporting young artists for promoting their artworks over the years.

In art contest ‘Let’s go to the Gallery’ , artists whose artworks are selected for exhibition from all the submissions, could make an offer maximum at 80,000yen (tax excluded) to sell their works.

Moreover, among all works that are selected for exhibition, judges will choose a winner of the ‘Sukiwa Award’, who would be granted an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition.

We are looking forward to appreciating the artworks from all participants this year.

Exhibition of ‘Let’s go to the Gallery 2023’

Exhibition Period

7/13 (SAT) ~7/30 (TUE)

Application Requirements

  • 2-dimensional artworks that are initiated by artists with originality, and willing to put their artwork on sale
  • Consent to the Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

  • Paintings or Printmaking artworks (2-dimensional)  
  • All works submitted must be mounted on panel or equipped with hanging tools, in a condition that can be displayed on a wall
  • Artwork size:           within 53.0 x 45.5x 4.0(thickness) cm
  • Artwork with frame:      within 67.5 x 60.0 x 7.5 (thickness) cm
  • Weight constriction:        under 3kg
  • Artworks that have not been published before
  • Maximum 3 artworks per person
  • Selling price: not over 88,000 yen (tax included)

(Framing is not a necessary for all artworks. However, printmaking artwork on paper must be framed. Frames with acrylic board are recommended, while the use of glass board is not allowed.)

  • Organizer would not take any responsibility if accident happens concerning a not completely dried artwork

Entry period: 5 July (FRI), 6July (SAT), 7 July (SUN), submission send by post should arrive within these 3 days

Submission guidelines

※ Entry is only available online. Please confirm the details below. ※

 ①Entry form
  Please fill in the entry form online.

Entry form

Entry period : 1 June (SAT) ~ 4 July (THU)
 ②Payment of the entry fee (Due on 4July)
 ③Submission of ‘artist profile’ and ‘artworks’ caption’ (Due on 1July)
  ※Guidance will be provided after entry formed is completed
 ④ Please submit your artworks by post, or hand delivered to the gallery

5 July (FRI), 6July (SAT), 7 July (SUN)

(Your submission must be handed in with: a. the artwork & b. the label)

  ※b…serve as a proof of the artwork, attaching to the back of the frame or the artwork. The label should be around the size of 10 x 7 cm and is made by durable Japanese paper (Washi). Artist’ name and the title should be written on the label by pencil or ink. (Please summit it with an envelope or attach to the back loosely.

Submission address: please refer to the bottom part of the page

Entry of the contest is considered as valid only if the payment and the submission are both completed.

Entry Fee

2,000 yen per artwork ( Maximum 3 artworks per person)

 Please complete your payment by transferring to the following bank account.

 振込先   三井住友銀行 西荻窪支店
 口座名義  株式会社数寄和(すきわ)
 口座番号  普通 7092837

Due date of payment: 4 July (THU)

※In the column of the sender’s name, please insert a number `5` before the participant’s name in the transaction.

(e.g.  [5 Sukiwa Tarou])

※ Transaction handling fee would be one’s own expense

  • Screening would be performed among the submitted works, only selected works are entitled to be exhibited later on
  • For applicants who submit multiple artworks, there would be possibility of having works that are being selected and rejected at the same time.
  • Winner of the ‘Sukiwa Award’ would be granted an opportunity for a solo exhibition.


  • Selected participants will be contacted through phone calls or DM post.
  • Unchosen artworks will be returned to the participants without further notice.

For participants with artwork being selected

  • Selected works will be exhibited in the gallery; at the same time being uploaded on gallery’s website and social media.
  • For applicants who submit multiple artworks, there would be possibility of having works that are being selected and rejected at the same time.
  • The unchosen artworks could be kept temporarily in the gallery until the end of the selected works exhibition.
  • The display of portfolio and artists’ background would be appreciated if possible.

The sale of artworks

  • Selected participants could sell their artwork at a price not over than 80,000 yen (tax excluded). The final price will be decided base on the consultation of the artist and the gallery.
  • If the artwork is sold, a payment of 50% of the marking price would be offered to the artist

For Unchosen artworks

  • Artworks would be returned by post, sending to the address provided in the entry form, please noted that posting fee would be on one’s expense (cash – on – delivery)
  • If there is a failure on the delivery, the artwork will be disposed.

Handling of personal information

Personal information (Name, Address, etc.) that acquired would be managed strictly, and only be used for contacting, exhibition-related issues and artwork inventory management of the gallery. 

Handling of the artworks

Gallery owns the right of procession and exclusive right to use the artwork until the end of the exhibition of Art contest ` Let’s go to the Gallery`. Participants shall have a consent that the gallery owns the right to publish images of the artwork and the information provided in the entry form for announcement, advertisement or any related mass media. Furthermore, the host could also grant this right to the third-party during the exhibition period.

All submitted artworks would be take care of attentively. However, we would not take responsibility for damage due to unpredictable and inevitable reasons. For artwork management of the contest, entry forms will be sticked to the back of the artworks by low adhesion tape. Also, hanging tools, hanging string and wooden hook might be attached to the back for the artwork for exhibition purpose.

Please kindly be noted in advanced concerning the above terms.

Contact address / For further inquiry

株式会社 数寄和
〒167-0042 東京都杉並区西荻北3-42-17ツインハイツ1F

Gallery Sukiwa

1/F Twin Heights, 3-42-17 Nishiogi-kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0042
tel:03-3390-1155 fax:03-5311-7260